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Now, at the end of 2022, security and privacy issues regarding personal finances have become very actual. Especially when it comes to digital space: banking transactions, electronic payments, the use of cryptocurrencies and their storage – all these attributes of modern life need to be securely protected.

Digital finance today has a centralized structure, even if we’re talking about crypto exchanges – and that’s the problem. Huge losses of digital assets in 2022 occurred due to the hacking of centralized exchanges or the transfer of assets from one centralized structure to another (for example, when sharing values between different blockchain platforms).

Research Driven

The non-commercial research association is supporting open source development.’s approach to the solution is to support and improve research to better understand the privacy and security issues associated with centralization. Association’s scientific cooperation is ongoing with the University of Applied Science and Arts, Lucerne. Research results are presented at conferences like MoneroKon or FOSDEM.

Fundamentally Diva is an open source project with free technology. It’s a software solution developed by independent people from around the world. DIVA consists of several technical parts: I2P, divachain, user interface. Divachain is using a “Democratic Byzantine Fault Tolerance” algorithm for consensus.

DIVA banking technology

Today, new banking technologies are enabling banks to provide modern technological services. Despite this, banks, like other financial institutions (such as exchanges), will remain centralized structures and are constantly exposed to the risks of hacking or the actions of their unscrupulous employees. DIVA uses I2P as basic technology. The key features of the I2P network are the following:

  • independent network, peer-to-peer connections. All messages travel over several independent nodes;
  • garlic routing protects identities and uses end-to-end encryption;
  • anonymity is part of I2P – without any compromises;
  • no dependence on a centralized structure;
  • open source project.

The above features of the I2P network make it an excellent tool for secure banking technology. 

Combining several technologies, namely peer-to-peer networking, democratic byzantine fault tolerance and garlic routing, enables the exchange of any digital (and also financial) value between untrusted peers.

The basic idea of is that each user creates their own flow of digital assets, which they can allocate at their discretion. The slogan of may well become such – «everyone is his own bank». In such a scheme, the bank is simply an intermediary (for example, in payments, trade or credit). 

Why is that good? Each user forms its own node and, in fact, its own bank, where the user can also save a fee for transactions that are processed on its node. Each user retains their own transaction fee in the amount of the digital value they choose, that is, charges for digital services (or does not charge). As a result, a decentralized (self-organized) space is created, which is not administered by anyone to exchange values on terms that are determined by the participants themselves. 

Conclusion is a non-profit research project that aims to create technology for the secure and anonymous exchange of digital values. Through a combination of technologies used and the participation of the scientific community and professional developers from around the world, is developing an open and secure distributed system. The DIVA software solution is based on divachain, which in turn uses I2P technology. DIVA consists of several technical parts: I2P, divachain and the user interface. DIVA works to ensure that end-users are able to make qualified decisions about the level of privacy that is acceptable to them. Of course, without compromising privacy on the network.

Such a network could create a viable alternative to centralised and highly insecure banking institutions. Follow the updates of, there’s a lot to look forward to!

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The non-profit association, Switzerland, uses a barrier-free and collaborative approach to create free banking technology for everyone. The open source technology ensures the privacy of all participants in the financial system of the future. The blockchain-based system is fully distributed. Everyone can participate in is committed to the belief that only commercially free technology can reliably protect user privacy.

Collaboration with the scientific community plays an important role in the development of The results of research are constantly being validated by academic institutions and publicly presented at specialized conferences.

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