FOSDEM 2023: Upcoming Open Source Conference in Brussels

In early February 2023, the FOSDEM conference will open in Brussels – a landmark event for all who are interested in modern software and hardware development. The conference is a point of attraction for free software developers and #opensource projects from around the world. The association traditionally participates in the conference and presents its new developments.

The core of FOSDEM is the open source initiative and the projects based on it. Open source software is the result of collaborative efforts and peer review by all members of the community. Developers share knowledge, ideas and code to create innovative software solutions. #Opensource is scalable and flexible software that ensures that anyone has access to the source code and can modify, improve, and distribute it for reuse and improvement. Open source software operates on the principle of peer-to-peer chain and mass collaboration, providing more sustainable software development to end users.  

Basic technology: Open Source

Open source software, unlike proprietary or commercial software, is widely used by companies and individuals because of its versatility, security, continuous development, active community, and stability. The advantages of using open source are: economic efficiency, code customization flexibility and freedom to use the active community instead of one software provider.


The FOSDEM conference, which began in 2000 with a local developer meeting, has grown into a major event in the open source technology world. Every year thousands – in 2021, more than 33,000 people watched the online broadcast of the conference – community members (developers, IT businessmen and just enthusiasts of digital freedom) gather in Brussels to present their own projects and see other people’s achievements, find out about new developments in the field of free and open source software, face to face with the most striking industry leaders.’s participation in the conference

The association participates in the conference both as an observer and as a speaker.  The central theme of diva.echange is the creation of technology enabling storing, transferring and trading any existing or future digital values. DIVA (software), using a peer-to-peer network based on I2P technology, creates a network of nodes. Each user who forms such a node can log in or log out at any time without losing data or digital values. They can pay with it, so it’s a payment network, it’s a trading network, and every user can store their digital values on their own device.

An important feature of the DIVA software environment is the use of I2P technology. This is necessary to ensure confidentiality, as it is very difficult, for example, to track traffic by an intermediary. I2P is resistant to a wide range of network attacks.

The seriousness of lies in close collaboration and testing of its work in an academic environment. So, together with the universities launches projects that try to break the data storage: introduces malicious nodes, threatens and tries to destroy DIVA software. It is important for security professionals to study very carefully together with the academic community of universities to understand the security of the DIVA software and its components. and FOSDEM

At FOSDEM’23 will present two presentations on its latest developments, research and academic tests of I2P technology.     

The first presentation will focus on the problem of creating a DNS for an overlay network without a central authority. This project is a prototype solution with API, which was implemented and tested by students of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Lucerne.

The second presentation will talk about using the Javascript I2P-SAM library to create anonymity of peer-to-peer nodes and encrypt messages on the network. For illustration, association will demonstrate how to use the I2P-SAM library when creating peer-to-peer applications.

Welcome to FOSDEM 2023

FOSDEM Annual Conference is an excellent platform for new project presentations, discussions and open discussions, new and better solutions. invites you to take part in FOSDEM 2023 conference and witness the birth of new unique projects of free Internet technologies!

This is

The non-profit association, Switzerland, uses a barrier-free and collaborative approach to create free banking technology for everyone. The open source technology ensures the privacy of all participants in the financial system of the future. The blockchain-based system is fully distributed. Everyone can participate in is committed to the belief that only commercially free technology can reliably protect user privacy.

Collaboration with the scientific community plays an important role in the development of The results of research are constantly being validated by academic institutions and publicly presented at specialized conferences.

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