Free Banking Technology. For Everyone.

Carolyn Baechler-Schenk

I do not support abusive data brokers.

I do my banking directly (peer-to-peer). Nobody earns money as a platform provider and data middlemen.

Carolyn Bächler-Schenk

I do not support discrimination through data profiling.

I separate my digital identity from my financial transactions.

Konrad Bächler

Privacy is important to me, especially in the digital space.

Privacy protects me and others from profiling and data misuse.

Konrad Bächler

I protect myself and others from data misuse.

The less data I have to hand over to central and commercial service providers, the safer I am and the more secure my fellow human citizens are from profiling, for example.


Free banking technology for everyone: everyone can join in, everyone can use DIVA.EXCHANGE.

DIVA.EXCHANGE protects your privacy: your identity is kept separate from your transaction data. This solves the lack of privacy when storing, trading and paying with digital values.

Secure without a central infrastructure.


You have your own private & secure banking technology.

A free software and network project based on blockchain and I2P technology.

The creators behind DIVA.EXCHANGE are convinced that digital values are becoming common means of payment and stores of value.

The free software project demonstrates how the storage, trade and payment transactions with digital values can be carried out without central service providers – securely and with rigorous privacy protection.

This brings us one step closer to the vision that every person can be his or her own bank in the future.

The software project

Questions & Answers

What distinguishes DIVA.EXCHANGE from existing solutions?

  • No registration with personal data
  • No central operating infrastructure
  • No new token or coin
  • Different digital values can be traded directly with each other
  • The open source software can be viewed by everyone
  • The freely available software is operated on the user’s hardware
  • The user communicates with the network via I2P: the user’s identity remains protected
  • All transaction data is securely stored on a public blockchain
  • The software code is published under the GPLv3 license, so the software is protected from censorship and forever remains free software


All people who own and will own digital values.

Why is DIVA.EXCHANGE not discriminating?

Everybody can participate. The software should be easy to use and is freely available to everyone.

How is DIVA.EXCHANGE developed?

Evolutionary as an Open Source project:

Who develops DIVA.EXCHANGE?

People who want to know whether decentralized and consistently distributed technology that protects the privacy of users works and is beneficial.

What does it take to participate in DIVA.EXCHANGE?

  • The desire to do something new
  • The ability to overcome apparent limits by solutions
  • Persistence and patience in implementation
  • A healthy dose of courage

Why does DIVA.EXCHANGE have no own «Token» or «Coin»?

We are convinced that only a technology that is free of commercial obligations can credibly protect the privacy of users.

How is the development of DIVA.EXCHANGE financed?

Through donations of different kinds and origins and by people with different motivations.

Which technologies are used at DIVA.EXCHANGE?

  • Blockchain: Iroha (a hyperledger project of the Linux Foundation)
  • Anonymization: I2P
  • Programming language: mainly Javascript (NodeJS)

Do you have questions?

Your questions improve your knowledge and DIVA.EXCHANGE. Talk to us.

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