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The research project (in German)

Stefan Maric

Exciting research project

Completely decentralized and protecting your privacy: an under-researched subject.

Stefan Maric

Stress tests of the Iroha blockain

A challenging empirical project with an interesting task.

Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts – Computer Science

Bachelor thesis, autumn semester 2019/2020 (in German)

Investigation of a fully decentralised, non-discriminatory and privacy-protecting trading network for digital values (“crypto-systems”)

Extract from the introduction (translated):

[…] a research project which deals with and investigates fully decentralized and privacy-protecting trade networks. […] An essential part of the research project is to ensure the anonymity of each user, which is guaranteed at all times. […] This project is a field/department in which little or no research has been done until now […]

Stefan Maric, January 2020

View Bachelor thesis (PDF) (in German)

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