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Join DIVA.EXCHANGE and promote the development of free banking technology

Do you also want to become part of the evolution of finance? Do you want to learn exciting and new things, advance yourself and experience honest appreciation? Then join us.

People at DIVA.EXCHANGE work cooperatively and with dedication on the source code, communication, appearance and thus on the evolution of finance.

We at DIVA.EXCHANGE are nice, polite, modern, open-minded and enjoy exploring the unknown.

Taking part is very easy. Here are some concrete examples:

  • Work as a volunteer – for example as a developer, tester, communication or marketing professional, designer, translator or lawyer. You alone decide how you want to do it. We at DIVA.EXCHANGE will help you get started with the project.
  • Further develop the DIVA.EXCHANGE project pipeline and take care of the associated fundraising and resource procurement.
  • Donate a conference attendance: it is important for DIVA.EXCHANGE to be present.
  • Talk about DIVA.EXCHANGE on social or classic media.
  • Investigate as a student the functions of DIVA.EXCHANGE (academic projects are always welcome).

Thanks, you are a superstar.

Take the next step.

Simply send an email to contact@diva.exchange with the subject “I want to join the association DIVA.EXCHANGE” and include your full name, address and – if applicable – your organization.

DIVA.EXCHANGE is open to everyone and every organization all over the world.

We will gladly help you get started with DIVA.EXCHANGE.

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Your donation goes entirely to the project. Your donation makes the development of DIVA.EXCHANGE faster.





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