DIVA.EXCHANGE in a nutshell: the Iroha Blockchain

Any kind of blockchain is just a simple distributed and redundant data storage. No matter how much complexity is imposed on the data memory (e.g. when programs, “smart contracts”, are stored on the blockchain) – it remains data memory. The sensible thing about a blockchain is its distributed data storage and – only with sufficient distribution – the integrity of the data over time (“fallibility”). Everything else is just smoke and mirrors.

Simple and clear architecture

DIVA.EXCHANGE focuses on simple and clear architecture. The blockchain “Hyperledger/Iroha” is used as data storage. Iroha is a blockchain under the roof of the established Linux Foundation. Iroha is very slim and is suitable for small and weak devices (mobile, raspberry, TV) as well as for large server farms. The slim architecture is a huge advantage: because DIVA.EXCHANGE should use as little energy as possible. In fact, Iroha knows no “mining” in the usual, energy-wasting sense. Consensus on the validity of data is created very efficiently. Thus, within the framework of the DIVA.EXCHANGE project, Iroha also contributes to the fact that everyone can be their own bank.

Innovation for free and easy access

However, Iroha had a problem: Iroha was not easily accessible to everyone. In other words, installing and just getting started was not possible. DIVA.EXCHANGE has now overcome this challenge. The new Iroha version can be easily installed on any end device and immediately connects to the other DIVA.EXCHANGE-Iroha nodes in the worldwide network. This technology is called “peer-to-peer”, or computer-computer connection. The graphic below illustrates of how Iroha connects directly to other nodes in the DIVA.EXCHANGE network.

DIVA.EXCHANGE in a nutshell


The above sketch shows that one relevant component (“signal.diva.exchange”) is still centrally organised. This component will be replaced by I2P network nodes (a “darknet”) in a future version of DIVA.EXCHANGE. These steps will ensure that the most basic human right “privacy” is protected as rigorously as possible.


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