Start of research work in 2021: Welcome!

In February 2021, three students from the ZHAW (Zurich University of Applied Science) and the HSLU (Lucerne University of Applied Science and Art) will start their bachelor theses. Again, two exciting topics are examined in a field that has so far been little explored. DIVA.EXCHANGE is looking forward to the cooperation in the coming months and welcomes the motivated students Cailleret Levi, Kyburz Sascha and Moritz Küttel.

These are the research topics of the bachelor theses 2021

The subject of Levi Cailleret and Sascha Kyburz (in the picture), ZHAW:

Test stand for a decentralized and blockchain-based trading network for digital values.

Link to the task description, in German

The topic of Moritz Küttel, HSLU:

Analysis of the I2P network from the point of view of performance and the use of the free banking technology DIVA.

Link to the task description, in German

The research topic of the bachelor thesis 2020

Investigation of a fully decentralised, non-discriminatory and privacy-protecting trading network for digital values (“crypto-systems”).

Extract from the introduction (translated):

[…] a research project which deals with and investigates fully decentralized and privacy-protecting trade networks. […] An essential part of the research project is to ensure the anonymity of each user, which is guaranteed at all times. […] This project is a field/department in which little or no research has been done until now […]

Stefan Maric, Januay 2020, HSLU

Research collaboration

The developed software from DIVA.EXCHANGE is continuously questioned by scientific research. This courageous approach is another core component of the underlying philosophy. Together with the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Department of Computer Science, we completed the first of a whole series of research projects in January 2020. The project examined part of the software and falsified individual components. With this knowledge, further developments are under way – so that the next researcher can start another destructive experiment. Until nothing in banking is as it is today.


The non-profit association DIVA.EXCHANGE, Baar, uses a barrier-free and collaborative approach to create free banking technology for everyone. The open source technology ensures the privacy of all participants in the financial system of the future. The blockchain-based overall system is completely distributed. Everyone can participate in DIVA.EXCHANGE.

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