Privacy in the digital world

Everyone is talking about good old “privacy”. Tech giants, a crowd of “#degoogle” disciples, and of course the loyal Silicon Valley fan base, preach respect for individual data. However, the race for data has long been decided. DIVA.EXCHANGE works with the community on reliable solutions for real privacy protection.

DIVA.EXCHANGE I2P, Privacy and Convenience

“Privacy Washing”

Any corrupt practice can be glossed over by means of “privacy washing”. Intense marketing efforts on all channels promise users that “privacy”, “convenience” and “security” are absolutely “no problem”. However, neither the systems nor the responsibilities have been changed. The approach is rather: fat marketing and influencer budgets conceal a lack of content, gross thinking errors and continued lack of responsibility.

DIVA.EXCHANGE enables true privacy

But it is possible to get it right: DIVA.EXCHANGE stands up for real privacy protection with competence, courage and commitment. Thanks to the clear instructions by DIVA.EXCHANGE it is no longer difficult to browse privately and securely on the internet. The entire manual consists of free and open software – because as known since 1927: “The Best Things in Life are Free”.

And there is much more to it: since the end of August 2020 DIVA.EXCHANGE has been operating one of the few “I2P reseed servers” in the world. “I2P” is the free, non-censurable, private and secure Internet for everyone. “Reseed servers” are required to enable easy access to the private Internet “I2P” for everyone. The DIVA.EXCHANGE “Reseed Server” is located in Switzerland and is looked after by knowledgeable and experienced system administrators. For the user, the “Reseed” functionality is completely hidden under the surface.

Serious civil rights, freedom rights, climate protection or human rights movements, informed users and numerous competent journalists and “whistleblowers” rely on “I2P”. In this way, people ensure that their own data cannot be misused by any other network participants. These people take privacy seriously and don’t get fooled by fat marketing budgets. . Thanks to DIVA.EXCHANGE, the free, secure and private Internet “I2P” has another stable carrier.

Support the protection of privacy seriously

Become a member of the DIVA.EXCHANGE association and support serious efforts to protect privacy. DIVA.EXCHANGE is open to all people and organizations. Register here. The team around DIVA.EXCHANGE is happy to support this important mission. Appreciation, respect and the polite, competent and cosmopolitan community are lived every day at DIVA.EXCHANGE.


The non-profit association DIVA.EXCHANGE, uses a barrier-free and collaborative approach to create free banking and exchange technology for everyone. The open source technology ensures the privacy of all participants in the financial system of the future. The blockchain-based overall system is completely distributed. Everyone can participate in DIVA.EXCHANGE.

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