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With the ever-evolving field of technology and cybersecurity, public events play a key role in bringing together professionals, enthusiasts, and experts to share ideas, showcase innovations, and work together to create a more secure digital future. One such event, meeting for the first time on September 15-17, 2023 in Basel, Switzerland, is the “HackThePromise” conference. This gathering promises to be a center of cutting-edge discussions on cybersecurity, ethical hacking, and the prospects for a safer digital space.

Brief overview

HackThePromise is an international conference that provides a platform for experts, researchers, and young professionals to delve into the intricacies of cybersecurity, ethical hacking, and the interdisciplinary exploration of modern software technologies. This event focuses not only on hacking in the conventional sense of the word but also on harnessing the power of ethical hacking to enhance digital security and protect sensitive information.

The conference is organized by the Institute for Experimental Design and Media Cultures (IXDM). Design, research, software development, and the generation of relevant knowledge are understood as discourses and practices that mutually define each other. For this reason, IXDM-based projects combine basic design and media research with design and media practices in specific contexts of use. IXDM-based projects not only foster the innovative development of new questions and ideas but also promote the experimental advancement of new methods and forms of interdisciplinary research.

The conference will include presentations by experts and artists on the following topics: sustainable development in the digital world, privacy in the digital space, exchange of digital assets,  and much more.

Konrad Bachler, one of the founders of, will speak at the conference on “Everyone is their own bank – how it works“. The report will be devoted to the project of creating an independent fully distributed system for the exchange of digital assets. The project is up-to-date and is being realized right now with the active participation of the scientific community and dedicated software and communication enthusiasts from all over the world. will present the results of the last months of work, as well as talk about how a fully distributed system works, and share the latest updates and current developments.


The non-profit association, Switzerland, uses a barrier-free and collaborative approach to create free banking technology for everyone. Open-source technology ensures the privacy of all participants in the financial system of the future. The blockchain-based system is fully distributed. Everyone can participate in is committed to the belief that only commercially free technology can reliably protect user privacy.

Collaboration with the scientific community plays an important role in the development of The results of research are constantly being validated by academic institutions and publicly presented at specialized conferences.


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