Distributed Social Network: #DIVA on #mastodon

The future of social networks lies in open source solutions and distributed technology. That is why DIVA.EXCHANGE has set up a #mastodon node. At https://social.diva.exchange (in German) anyone can become part of a modern social network. The limits of existing large centralized and censored social networks can be overcome this way.

Abusive data brokers, data profiling and misuse

Data is harvested by a few central actors. Users are abused. Every day. The increasing flood of regulations does not make things better or safer from the perspective of the user.  With the use and development of open source and decentralized solutions, however, users can take decisive action against this trend.

Under control

At https://social.diva.exchange all users can easily join a secure and free social network. Data is neither sold nor abused. Open source solutions are reliable, secure and future-oriented. Just join in. Now.