Visit DIVA.EXCHANGE at FOSDEM 2021 – “save the date”

Save the date and visit online the lightning talk of  DIVA.EXCHANGE at FOSDEM 2021: Sunday, February 7th, 14:00-14:20 CET.

We are very much looking forward to see you there. The link to the program is here.

It’s about Free Banking Technology. For Everyone!

Imagine: I2P (aka “Darknet”), a highly energy-efficient, new and fully distributed storage engine, some basic banking business logic and a fresh user interface.

Result: a highly privacy-respecting, in theory secure, yet very slow, personal bank. Meet – the first non-profit, non-corporate, very-small-tech and research-driven association developing “Free Banking Technology – For Everyone”. All licensed under AGPLv3+.

The presentation is about the technology stack of the truly distributed free banking technology “DIVA”. It’s also about the fact that “distributed technology” does not offer anything like a “business model” in the old-fashioned-cloudy way. It’s about the overlay network “I2P”. It’s about the distributed storage engine “Iroha” and the challenges with a very slow network. It’s about banking business logic, the user interface and its challenges being fully distributed. And it’s about the research co-operations in Switzerland.

Who develops DIVA.EXCHANGE?

People who want to know whether decentralized and consistently distributed technology that protects the privacy of users works and is beneficial.

How is DIVA.EXCHANGE developed?

Evolutionary as an Open Source project:

Join in

Simply send an email to with the subject “I want to join the association DIVA.EXCHANGE” and include your full name, address and – if applicable – your organization.

DIVA.EXCHANGE is open to everyone and every organization all over the world.


The non-profit association DIVA.EXCHANGE, uses a barrier-free and collaborative approach to create free banking and exchange technology for everyone. The open source technology ensures the privacy of all participants in the financial system of the future. The blockchain-based overall system is completely distributed. Everyone can participate in DIVA.EXCHANGE.


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